Need a developer? ViLoP Consulting has you covered.

Here at ViLoP Consulting, we help local small businesses bring their company into the 21st century. Your website is the first contact most potential customers have with your business. Pittsburgh’s demographics are changing fast and that means that you can no longer rely on word of mouth. Make a good impression and turn “potential customers” into “customers”.

Most small businesses website projects start as low as $2,000. See below for our process.



Small Business Project Process

1. Initial Discovery/Plan

Through a series of meetings, we’ll define your brand and determine what makes your brand different from your competition. We’ll then define the look and feel of how you want to express that brand to the world.

2. Design and Development

This is where we tie your brand to business objectives. Your website will be well built, fast, and secure.

3. Evaluate and Improve

After receiving the “almost” final product, we’ll work together to ensure that your website showcases what your business is really about.

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