Data to Decisions

Every company needs a data nerd.  I know this because I am one.  We can see things that you can't see.  We can see things that are hidden because we bath in the data so that you don't have to.  We are your secret weapon.  We are the edge to get ahead of the competition.  People that go on emotion get it wrong.  We deal with the facts and get it right.  We don't go on emotion.  We go on the data.

There seems to be a trend in consulting.  Firms get hired so that they can pitch their own in house software as the wave of the future. SaaS companies parading around as consulting firms.  Even worse are the firms that over sell you on third-party software systems that you do not need, just so that they can take kickbacks.  You're not a fortune 500 company that has terabytes of data to sift through.  You're not a quantitative hedge fund that needs to analyze gigabytes of data in real time.  You're a business that needs to know what information affects your company and how to analyze that data to solve your pressing issue.


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Solve Pressing Issues by Finding Data that Relates to Your Problems

It's estimated that 40,000 GB of data is created every second.  ViLoP Consulting will find what data streams relate to your problems and together solve your pressing issues.



Business Process Improvement

Most companies assume that because they aren't a manufacturer building thousands of items a month, that the frameworks of Lean and Six Sigma don't apply to them.  Worse yet, when they do bring a change agent in, those change agents try to apply the principles from Lean and Six Sigma indiscriminately as if the company was a large manufacturer.  Check out some of our key tenants to change management Here



Teach People in Your Organization to Utilize Data to Make Informed Decisions

When possible, decisions need to based on facts and not intuition.  ViLoP Consulting will teach your people to utilize data that they already have, to make the right decisions.

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