Why Your Pittsburgh Based Small Business Needs a Website

I’ve had small business owner after small business owner tell me that their 90’s era website doesn’t need to be updated. Worse yet, I’ve had many of them tell me that they don’t need a website at all. Their industry is immune to technological advances and shifting consumer preferences. I’m here to tell you that that’s not so. Industry after industry is being upended by technological advances and no one is immune.

1. Consumers Research Online Before They Buy Anything

80% of consumers will do research online before they buy a product. This means that a website is not only your first chance to convince customers that your product/service is better than the rest, it’s your first chance to get found.

2. A Website Is a Cheap Marketing Partner That Works 24/7

There are hundreds of people Googling for “Your Businesses’ Product/Service” in “Your City” every day. A website becomes a mechanism where potential customers are funneled to your site daily so that you can show off your best work and convince them that they should buy from you.

3. A Website Is a Cheap Customer Service Rep That Works 24/7

Picture having a customer service representative answering phone calls for your customers every second of the year. That’s what a Q&A section of your website will do for you. Many of your customers have the same questions as previous customers. By putting a Q&A section on your website, you’ll be providing value to your customers and informing them that they’re making the right choice when purchasing with you.

4. A Website Boosts Your Company’s Credibility and Trust

When I find a company that doesn’t have a website, I immediately question whether they’re even still open. Secondly, I question the quality of their product or service. This is the one and only chance that the business owner gets to directly speak with each and every potential customer and convince them that they should trust them.

5. A Website Saves You Money

Remember points #2 and #3 above? How much time do your employees spend answering questions from customers? How much time and money do you spend on marketing? A website may be more expensive in the first week, but it will more than make up for the cost in a few months.

6. A Website Scales Your Energy and Revenue into the Future

Do you know what happens when you put your pitch and best foot forward on your website? It stays there. Meaning you don’t have to spend the time and energy to keep pitching potential customers. It’s an infinitely scale-able sales process. The same thing happens to good reviews that you get online. 5 good reviews can show thousands of customers that they should trust you with their business.

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